6 Years Ago My Life Changed Forever

6 Years ago was the turning point in my life!!

The amazing lady that was the backbone of our family my great-grandmother sadly passed away on the 4th may, undoubtedly she was the most impressionable person through my growing up, she taught me the meaning of respect, fun, laughter and the meaning of money (not that I paid attention when I was a teenager)  god I wish I had now! The memory’s I have of this wonderful person will never leave me she was my rock, and i was the apple of her eye so everyone tells me 😉 lol! We spent most of my childhood together there are so many memories I could put to this blog but I fear if I start I will be here all night on this one post. All I can say now is that my life is so much more difficult with out her to turn to for advice and the odd telling off. I would love her to of met Miss C but I know she is her and watching over us and the situation that we are all going through right now and hope she is proud of the decision’s I have made.

Two weeks later my uncle J or nonno as we called him so not to confuse the other children that where a constant at the time. This gentleman was my great-uncle who sadly passed, he taught me how to cook now that is one of the best things anyone has given me, the ability to feed my children amazing meals I can not thank him enough for that. I miss them with all my heart and I will never forget them.

After the month or so of hell we had dealt with I decided I was going to pack everything up and move to the only place I would ever call home and that was Norwich, I packed my bags went on a little trip of Britain to see family members before I landed in this amazing city just before my 18th birthday. Sadly while I was on my little journey around the country I had a terrible phone call from my step dad’s girlfriend to inform me that my grandfather had passed away that horrible day in July :'(. This was all I needed another funeral another distraught family gathering, plans were put in place for the day to say our goodbyes but unfortunately his funeral was planned for the exact time I was meant to be boarding my train to my new life in Norwich, truthfully I felt very relieved and torn at the same time as I didn’t want to let anyone down by not going to his funeral but i knew deep down that he would have wanted me to carry on with my plans and start my new life. Some people may never forgive me for not being there but I live by my choice not to let him down.

So I jumped on the train mind you I spent the whole 5 and half hour journey in tears but I did what I had to and arrived in my new home 🙂 , moved in with my great-aunt and never looked back well not for a while anyway x


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