My not so secret passion for fast cars, bikes, nitro and the quarter mile track!


My one defying hobby that I spend a lot of time enjoying over the summer is my love for drag racing.

The first time I ever went to a drag strip was when I was heavily pregnant with Miss C in 2009. My dad was in his rookie year of racing his Suzuki TL1000R under the name of second to none drag racing team with the National Association of Super Twins and I made the trip down with them to Santa pod raceway, I spent the weekend meeting some amazing people and watching some terrifyingly fast speeds on the track unfortunately I had to wait another year before I could get onto the startline and my god the view from there is the most intense and exciting feeling I have ever felt. I think the only thing that would top it would be to be racing myself which I am proud to say my mum our crew chief the lovely MissB from (MissBengravings) took the step to race herself in a rear engined dragster at Shakespeare county raceway our home track, I have met some wild and wonderful people while exploring my hobby and made some amazing friends along the road 🙂 all of you know who you are. My passion has been intensified by the amazing family that a drag racing community brings, it brings people from all over the world to one place for one common interest and that to me is priceless.

Pics to follow when i figure out how to upload them 😀 watch this space xxx


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