My Life Experiences Part 1

I thought I would bring you all up to date with my life in a timeline kind of way up until that 6 years ago when my life changed, well here goes.

I was born august 1988 in Southport, Merseyside my first home was with my great-grandmother,grandmother, mum and aunt. I quickly moved to Thornton, Crosby in Liverpool into a little 2 bedroom flat with my mum I think I was about 10 months old at the time, obviously I don’t remember much of it. My mum met my dad when I was 1-year-old, he brought me up as his own and is still at the end of the phone when and if I need him, my sister was born when I was 5 she was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. I do remember when we where trying to decide on her name, I was asked to think of something to call her and as we thought she was a boy until she was born I was adamant she was going to be called Lee! After my next door neighbours little boy, obviously with her turning out to be a boy it was changed to a female version. Another memory from this little place was my next door neighbours, auntie Linda I used to call her and her 2 boys my best friend Robert and his younger brother Lee.

I went to a little school called Thornton primary I started in the nursery, the only memory I have of the little block on the side of the main school was having a horrible accident while running down the slide of the climbing frame and splitting the side of my eye open which left me with a life long scar. I then moved up to the reception classes at 4,  years 1 and 2.

During this my home life consisted of moving homes twice if I remember right, the second time we moved ment I had to move schools so at the end of the 2nd year I was enrolled in netherton park not the best area in this part of Liverpool but it was still fun, we moved into a 3 bed first floor flat of a block in a small cul-de-sac, we stayed there until I was 11 years old, during this time there was a lot of things that happened many happy spoilt Christmases, birthdays etc  but my life wasn’t meant to be that easy within 6 months maybe a year of being at that school I had been bullied to a point where I was physically attacked once in front of the headmaster which wasn’t dealt with in a great way and if you know or you ever get to know my mother you will realise that this didn’t go down very well, she stormed into the headmasters office gave him an earful and removed me there and then.

I was then placed back in my old school which I was so happy about. At the age of 7 mum had to have a major operation which left her severally ill afterwards due to slow healing and infections etc. This made her practically bed bound, I then became her main carer which also meant I was looking after my sister as well. While this was going on at home my best friend Robert was also severally ill with cancer of the nervous system sadly he passed away that same year. I think I spent most nights crying myself to sleep at this point. After a while of looking after mum and L, my step-dads mum (nanny) took her to live with them while mum recovered, which in truth was a weight of my shoulders. My get out was school, which I loved I couldn’t get enough of it, I would jump at the chance at doing anything from gymnastics to drama and I even tried to play the violin some I was good at others I truly sucked at lol. I stayed at this school up until high school.

From this point I will start my new post so keep watching and I hope you enjoy!


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