My Life Experiences Part 2

My second part of my life

At the age of 10 mum applied for me to go to the high school my dad had gone to Chesterfield high, while she was filling out the form there came a point when it was time to tell me that my dad who had brought me up wasn’t my really dad. Of course I was shocked but didn’t feel any different towards him or even think it was a huge problem so I wasn’t his, he had been there as long as I could remember he was my dad! I carried on regardless of this information and lived no different to any other kid. Within a year of being at this school circumstances meant that we had to move we spent a little time with nanny which was a little over crowded until it was decided that we would move back to Southport, me and mum stayed at aj’s house until we found a little 2 bed flat for us all to move into, I was enrolled at meols cop high school and at the time it was the worst school in the area tho i still made the most of it.

By the age of 12 my mum and dad had split, him finding someone else rather quickly to be fair it didn’t settle well with me. Which in time is where I started to rebel. The typical teenage rebel! I started smoking, skipping school etc it didn’t help that I was put in the wrong classes either but at the time I didn’t care. Mum was a mess and I was there to pick up the pieces.

My mum eventually met someone else and things where going well. At the age of 14 after a few house moves we packed up and moved to Spain an amazing experience for me, it was a completely different way of live. With in a month of arriving in the country I became seriously ill, mum thought I was homesick and just being a pain in the bum, refusing to eat etc. But after a week of not being able to eat and suffering serious stomach pains I was rushed into Malaga university hospital were they diagnosed me with peritonitis and septicemia which was a result of acute appendicitis, they gave me hours to live and rushed me straight into theatre within 2 and half hours I had been operated on and was in intensive care with a nurse permanently at the side of my bed, i woke up with tubes, bags and stitches everywhere (it scared the crap out of me). The surgeons, nurses and domestics where amazing even with the language barrier they still made me feel like a princess I was kept in for a week on a ward with 4 others, I was the only child. I slowly recovered and these tubes etc slowly disappeared my first meal after 2 weeks was disgusting, fish soup with no salt ewwww. But i was eventually discharged and allowed home.

After I recovered completely, I went to a spanish school for a year but without knowing the language it was rather difficult and left at the age of 15, found myself work and within months I was working 3 different jobs, holding down my first serious relationship and enjoy my life. After a year or so things got difficult for my mum with her partner it wasn’t a nice experience for any of us. They eventually moved back to England and I stayed in Spain found a part-time job to cover the winter, my grandparents came to visit and within weeks homesick kicked in and I was on a flight back to the UK courtesy of them. Just before my 17th birthday I landed without my mum knowing and knocked on the door to a very surprised mum :D. I had no GCSE’s or grades of any kind so decided I would try to apply for an apprenticeship in Sunderland royal hospital and worked fulltime on the stroke ward. Some of the things I saw where the hardest things I have ever seen but the progress and determination the patients showed was incredible. Unfortunately due to finances I had to leave and start a full-time job in McDonald’s (you may laugh) but I loved that job and spent 4 years working for them in total. Eventually my mum and her partner split again I help build her up again .We moved around a few times and then my Great-grandmother became ill we spent months travelling to and from Blackpool to be at her bedside and eventually she had to leave us and that’s where my life changed for ever.

Without these experiences I wouldn’t be there person I am now and  wouldn’t change my life for anything.

Hope you have enjoyed my posts so fair and would love any feedback. Keep reading I have so much more to give.



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