The Last 6 Years Part 2

So I packed my bags again and moved back to Southport, got another transfer with McDonald’s and moved in with AA, uncle A and my cousins, even though it was crowded they where brilliant, I stayed with them for a few months and was introduced to a family friend who I started seeing we were together 6 months but things just didn’t work out we where to different, despite that we are still great friends, by the end of the 6 months I had moved jobs again now working in a care home and had moved into a house share renting a double room. I was working towards my NVQ 2 and moving on with my life. While working at McDonald’s I met Miss C’s dad we where friends, one night things turned to more than that, and I fell pregnant. I took the test at work on my lunch and it was positive, that same day I got a call from my grandmother I think to tell me that there had been a tragic accident involving a family member. During this time Master O was also in hospital, in theatre after having an accident.

I was over the moon to be pregnant but struggling to cope with dealing and understand what had happened and the result of the accident.

Not everyone was over joyed by my news, which was understandable I wasn’t really in a great position to bring up a child. But I carried on regardless of everyone’s concerns, a week or so later I was rushed into hospital in serious pain they suspected I was having an ectopic pregnancy, I was booked in for scans the next morning and luckily everything was normal that was the first time I saw my little girl, well at the time she was more like a bean lol! I was 5 weeks gone :D. I carried on working my normal shifts at work mostly 12 hours though I did get extra breaks not that the other girls liked that fact lol! And eventually decided that as soon as I was able to take my maternity leave I would move back to mum’s, a girl always wants her mum at times like these, plus I didn’t and couldn’t expect my aunt and uncle to support me while I was pregnant or in those first few months with everything they have to deal with especially with master O. In the July of 2009 my mum and dad had their big day I was 12 weeks pregnant and mum’s bridesmaid I was so happy for them, I had to have my dress altered and have a bump panel put in so not to burst it.

In the September I made the move back to Norwich, moved in with mum and dad and got ready for my little girl to arrive. I applied for my own place through the council and waited to be put on the list. The day my little one decided she was going to make an appearance was tough. I had been in slow labour for 3 weeks in and out of hospital to be hooked up on the monitors, my waters broke at 3 in the morning on the 5th December straight to hospital I went. Gas and air when I arrived and was wondering around calmly waiting, slowly things got very difficult pain started to get unbearable and I was growing hugely concerned as I have a high pain threshold this shouldn’t have bothered me but I knew there was something wrong. The midwife old school I may add, was sceptical putting my worries down to being a first time mum. I soon showed her different when they checked me out and I was 9cm dilated and Miss C was breach (all I could think was I told you so!).

Within minutes I was being prepare for an emergency C-section, epidural put in and on the operating table by 9.30 at this point all I could think about was breakfast I told them they had an hour to get her out so I could have my McDonald’s brekky lol. I tried to give birth naturally for 15mins on the table with the midwife telling me when to push as I couldn’t feel a thing from my chest down, mum was by my side the whole way through. They finally cut me open and got Miss C out bless her she was purple and sucking her toes. The midwife took her to the table cleaned her up and I got my first look at her she was an angel, my angel.

I was discharged after 4 days back to mum’s house but couldn’t lift anything heavier than baby for weeks. I hated that bit I wanted to show her off. By April I had got myself my own place moved in and settled. My life had started again with this bundle of joy to keep me going.


One thought on “The Last 6 Years Part 2

  1. she is the best thhing that ever happened to you and she iis one bundle of joy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH XXXXXXXXXXXX

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