The Last 6 Years

I moved to Norwich in august 2006, I had made that leap to change my life and dropped my bags in aj’s spare room. It was just before my 18th birthday, within days I had had a complete makeover. The hairdresser loved me! I had my hair cut from practically being able to sit on it to shoulder length and coloured it a deep red this was the ‘NEW’ me. I got myself a job luckily I managed to transfer with McDonald’s so didn’t have much difficulty. Enrolled in City college on a retail course, not my life’s dream but it was the only course I could get onto in short notice and college was one of the conditions of moving in with my aunt, I passed the interview and was studying full-time.

I spent most of the first year making new friends, going to college and working full-time, with-in months I met my first LOVE, it was a whirlwind relationship, he was in the RAF and was quickly posted out to Cyprus, I was absolutely heartbroken. I travelled to see him for 2 weeks, what an amazing country it is. We discussed our options and was debating about myself moving there to. I had an amazing time over there. When I arrived home it was a different story, I rushed myself to the doctors because I didn’t feel right, I was tested and the results came back that I had had an early miscarriage. My emotions where everywhere, pleased in a way as I was so young and wasn’t ready, but heartbroken as being a mum was all I had ever wanted while growing up. I called and let him know, but don’t think he really listened but hey he was out there enjoying an amazing country what did I expect him to do rush home to support me hmm that was wishful thinking lol!

A few weeks later I received a text message (yes a bloody text) from him ending our relationship. I was crushed and tried everything to change his mind. He gave me every excuse about long distance relationships blah blah blah! And that was that. We stayed in contact as ‘Friends’ worst thing I ever did. Looking back on it, he had me dangling like a puppet, with his words and plans for the future etc, but I was hooked I loved him!

Collage was coming to an end, and I had got myself a second job at Dorothy Perkins from my work experience, I passed my course with merit (go me lol!). I soon left McDonald’s and got myself a bar job as my second job, spent most of my nights out clubbing and seeing friend’s. I moved into my own place with a friend, I was off on my own two feet, mum was struggling keeping up her house and after a while had to give it up, she packed her bags and moved in with me in my little box room. Within 10 days of her moving in I had introduced her to friends at my local just down the road and that was the last night she stayed with me she met my dad ‘Soapy’, went round for dinner one night and never came back :D.

After 6 months of working in a clothe’s shop I had managed to spend lots of money on things I didn’t need with having store/staff cards etc. I left DP’s and became a full-time second chef in the bar I worked in, I’ve always cooked, worked in restaurants in Spain, cafe’s from 13 so this was nothing new to me I loved it. Though my head chef was a waste of space, while he sat there doing nothing I practically did both our jobs ordering, stock control and whatever else was thrown my way. I was still out most nights and started helping a friend out in his club if he was short-staffed at any point. By Xmas 2007 I had had enough worked 4/5 weeks straight as it was the bars busiest time and I cracked, I put myself in hospital.

I had hit the lowest point I had ever been at, I stayed with mum and dad in their new house while I recovered they where amazing though the pain I put them through, I swore I would never do again. I couldn’t work for a certain amount of time but that didn’t matter to my head chef who pestered and pestered for me to go back to work. So I left with no notice I had to do what was best for me! though the circumstances of that meant I couldn’t pay my bills and my debt mounted up, a lesson learnt the hard way there! I was unemployed for months and decided I would go back to where I started McDonald’s. I was getting myself back on my own two feet again but I still wasn’t happy.


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