#R2BC – Reasons to be cheerful (14/06/12)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

My first ever post of reasons to be cheerful,  well in my previous posts I have talked about my past experiences and things I have been through so this is a new weekly thing I am hopefully going to keep up to remind me of what I have to be grateful for also to keep my spirits up when things get hard.

1. Miss C, my gorgeous little monkey her speech is progressing so quickly everyday there are new words and sentences. And has spent the day using only her potty. Very proud mummy.

2. My family, so supportive and caring, I wouldn’t have coped without them through this last year.

3. A new home, this is the beginning of my new family a new start to progress and grow and learn from my past mistakes.

4. Mum got through her operation and is home recovering :D.

Looking forward to next weeks #R2BC and what it will become.


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