While I Sit and Wonder

I’m sat here thinking and debating what to write and where to take my blog now I have written my past experiences. I have lots of things running through my head from recipes to thrifty ways, crafts to the kids.

But this week is a whirlwind week, trip to the hospital for myself for a well overdue hearing test as I can’t hear a bleeding thing these days (my own fault for being a typical embarrassed teenager and not thinking about my health), the results mean 2 new hearing aids (fingers crossed these are only a temporary fix) and a referral to the ear, nose and throat department for more tests :(. Wednesday came and it was time for mum to be taken in for her op, it went well and she is home recovering, though can’t do much for herself for the next few weeks so me and dad are sharing the invalids care lol (only joking mum).

Packing to move again but hopefully the last time for a while, popped down to see what it was like, well not inside it, as I haven’t been given the full address yet, the street is great, quiet and right near the schools and shops even has a tanning shop hehe I know where ill be :). Just 2 minutes walk to a park and the views are amazing we can even see the planes taking off from the airport without all the loud noise i think Miss C will enjoy it. My heads reeling with DIY, decorating and interior design, I can’t wait to put my own stamp on it. The list is growing of what things I will need and an even longer list of the things I want hmm doing this on a budget so better stick to the ‘need’ list I think

Any ideas or advice wouldn’t go a miss though so if you would like leave a comment or head on over to my twitter @cawatson123 and drop me a line.


One thought on “While I Sit and Wonder

  1. just get your essentials for now and add on as you go along if there is one thing i have learnt oover the last year is you can do anything am very proud of you and love you more as if i could xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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