Happy Fathers Day!

As today is fathers day I want to dedicate this post to 2 very special people.

 I have felt like ‘soapy’ was my dad from the day he got together with my mum (all my doing i may add, hehe) he has been there trough thick and thin, picked me up when I was down, bailed me out when times are hard. You name it this man has done it. He may not have been there while I was growing up but he has proved to me that not just anyone can be a dad.

A proud grandad holding a newborn Miss C.

My daughter Miss C has the most amazing grandfather I could have wished for her, she loves him so much. He dote’s on her and loves watching her grow up, teaching her things and playing with her. He might not say much but his face says it all when she walks into the room or does something new, he is a proud man.

My Grandad, well what can I say, not a man of many words but a man with good advice, help and support, he has been around since i can remember, we called him uncle at first until he married my grandmother I remember that day 17 yr’s ago, it was one of the best days for our family a great man, to make things whole again.

I love both of you dearly and wouldn’t change either one.


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