#R2BC – Reasons To Be Cheerful (21/06/12)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the HeartThis week i have lots of reasons to be cheerful so here it goes ill try to keep them short and sweet.

  • Miss C made a big step on becoming a ‘BIG’ girl and threw her bottles in the bin herself, I am so proud of her she has gone 2 whole days now without a babies bottle.
  • I had a visit from my new housing officer to go through the paperwork of my new house and took a visit to have a look from the outside at it. I have been warned that it is in a bad way and from the look of the outside its going to need a lot of work, but fortunately this will all be done by the association before I move in :D.
  • I am looking forward to a weekend away at Santa pod raceway seeing lots of fast cars/bikes and enjoying a few drinks with friends. This could possibly be my last race meeting for the rest of the season due to moving house and finalising the other situation I am in so I am going to relax and enjoy every single second of it.
  • My mum is recovering well which is a bonus as she normally has a slow recovery time.

Well I think that is me done for this week doesn’t seem a lot now I have written it all down but all these things make me really cheerful 😀 xxx


7 thoughts on “#R2BC – Reasons To Be Cheerful (21/06/12)

  1. Yay on the new house, always exciting and full of potential. I hope they manage to get all the work needed done quickly so you can get in there and start settling into your new home. Well done to Miss C on giving up her baby bottles, always a big step but a sad one as well as we realise that our babies are growing up so quickly!

    • Thank you I am so proud of her she is a very stubborn little girl and wont do anything until she is ready to x

  2. you have every
    thing to look foreward too the rest of your life all the luck in the world love you xxxxxxxxxx

  3. It does not matter how much it looks on paper, if it is making you happy then that is perfect. I hope you had a lovley time at your race meeting. Mich x

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