Things To Aim For!

I thought I’d start my own monthly blog of  Things to aim for. Just like the weekly linky #R2BC everyone is welcome to join in :D.

I have decided to do this to help me stay focused on the things I want to achieve, purchase or improve.

  • To get a car I passed my driving test in Oct ’11 and really want one to be able to take Miss C to new places and travel to see family.
  • To move house and have it redecorated to my designs as soon as possible. From my experience in my present home, I want it to be fresh and ‘mine’ not living in the fifties like my bedroom is at the moment lol.
  • Get Chloe enrolled at her new nursery ready to start when she turns 3. Hopefully they will be able to give her a place in such short notice.
  • I would like to replace my iPod touch I’m lost without it.
  • Well a holiday for Miss C and I would be nice, even a weekend near the coast sounds nice to me :).
  • I would like to get my sewing machine out and start making things my first project would be a quilt for Miss C new room.
  • Give up smoking (eventually).

At the end of each month I will write about what I have managed to achieve and how I did it, I will also relist anything I havent managed to do and my next months things to aim for.

Hope you enjoy

Thanks for reading




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