#R2BC (01/07/2012)

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Ok so this week has been rather full so I am a bit late in posting but here are my reasons to be cheerful :D.

My friends over the past year or so I have realised that there are only very few people who you should or would want to call a friend everyone else is an acquaintance or out to get something for themselves so I am grateful for them few  people who have should me what friendship really is they are the friends I will keep for life.

I had my first counselling session this week which was a little weird at first but I think this is really going to help me, move forward and really make my future better.

Mum’s recovery is still on going but she is now driving again 🙂

I have previously mentioned family but I would like to thank AJ personally for being there to listen to my rants. I Love You!

Linking over to Mummy from the heart

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

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