A New Start

Another long absence for my little place in this big world of technology, I can list a huge amount of excuses but it simply comes down to, I’ve had a horrible brain freeze not knowing which direction to take my blog, and I still have no ideas.

My house is slowly coming together, built-in wardrobes are almost finished :). Finally have my sofa and new cooker, just in time for Christmas. My list of jobs is slowly getting bigger as I would love it to be perfect. I will get it done.

My gorgeous Miss C started nursery at the end of September and is enjoying it so much, though I’m not quiet enjoying some of the behaviour she is picking up, that will be nipped in the butt. Her speech has come on leaps and bounds since Master L moved in :). Still has the odd spout of separation difficulties, which I am hoping we can move on from sooner rather then later.

Master L well what can I say, he is a joy to have in my home, and an amazing reward after a hard slog, his giggle just brightens up the place so much I couldn’t and wouldn’t change my decision for anything.

This experience has made me realise a lot of things, and has changed a lot of things i wanted out of life. Made me realise who’s important and who i’m to wash my hands of and there’s been a few lol, anyway I am now rambling so i hope you enjoy and I will find my direction.


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