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After the last few weeks turmoil with situations at home, delay’s with the house move postponed for another two weeks :(. And a little lapse in my mood towards things and people, I have come to the conclusion that I AM ME! I will not be dictated to or put down by others, I will speak my … Continue reading

Things To Aim For!

I thought I’d start my own monthly blog of  Things to aim for. Just like the weekly linky #R2BC everyone is welcome to join in :D. I have decided to do this to help me stay focused on the things I want to achieve, purchase or improve. To get a car I passed my driving test in Oct ’11 and really want … Continue reading

Back From A Great Weekend!!!

Firstly I’d like to thank Aj for looking after Miss C. This being the first time for a whole weekend on their own it was a huge experiment. And to my delight it went really well :D. Though showing us that a whole weekend in future will be too much. Unfortunately I still cant figure out … Continue reading

Finding The Time…..

Finding The Time…..

A little introduction. I’ve been tagged in my first meme by a new twitter friend: The Lovely Fiona who blogs at Coombe Mill. This lovely lady has a lovely blog which I would recommend to follow.  The Meme was started by Sex, Drugs, Rocker and… Stroller and now it’s my turn! Please post the rules. When answering the questions, please … Continue reading

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day!

As today is fathers day I want to dedicate this post to 2 very special people.  I have felt like ‘soapy’ was my dad from the day he got together with my mum (all my doing i may add, hehe) he has been there trough thick and thin, picked me up when I was down, bailed me out when … Continue reading

While I Sit and Wonder

I’m sat here thinking and debating what to write and where to take my blog now I have written my past experiences. I have lots of things running through my head from recipes to thrifty ways, crafts to the kids. But this week is a whirlwind week, trip to the hospital for myself for a well overdue hearing test as I can’t … Continue reading

The Last 6 Years Part 2

So I packed my bags again and moved back to Southport, got another transfer with McDonald’s and moved in with AA, uncle A and my cousins, even though it was crowded they where brilliant, I stayed with them for a few months and was introduced to a family friend who I started seeing we were … Continue reading

The Last 6 Years

I moved to Norwich in august 2006, I had made that leap to change my life and dropped my bags in aj’s spare room. It was just before my 18th birthday, within days I had had a complete makeover. The hairdresser loved me! I had my hair cut from practically being able to sit on it to … Continue reading

My Life Experiences Part 2

My second part of my life At the age of 10 mum applied for me to go to the high school my dad had gone to Chesterfield high, while she was filling out the form there came a point when it was time to tell me that my dad who had brought me up wasn’t … Continue reading