My Little Family And The Rest Of The Crew

My little family! This picture paints a thousand words.

There is me the mum, the provider and carer. I am 23 with an amazing little girl who I have brought up from birth on my own! I live to give her the best things I possibly can, I teach her everyday and grow with her in every moment. She is my world and nothing will break the bond that we both share. I am a women with many interests a lot that have yet to be pursued due to circumstances and finances. My main interest is drag racing well maybe more of a way of life than an interest lol! I’m sure plenty more of me will surface over the rest of my blog.

Then there is my gorgeous little girl Miss C, well what can I say she is a normal happy 2 and half-year old (yes the terrible 2’s a little less adorable) but she can walk into a room and brighten the place up in seconds. She has the most expressive eyes I have ever seen and the quickest brain I could have ever wished for. She is full of life and happiness. She is obsessed with sponge bob square pants and raa raa the noisy lion and anything to do with race cars and race bikes (start them early lol) :D.

The rest of my family have been the most supportive I could have ever wished for, from my grandparents to my amazing youngest cousin they are the best things in my life.

My grandparents are the lovely Mrs D and Mr D, both enjoy their retirement finally, my grandmother has started creating these amazing knitted teddies,dolls and anything else that she can think of which is perfect with my obsession with teddy bears. My grandfather has carried on his enjoyment for diy, wildlife and has his own pet bee to help his newly refurbished garden shame no honey tho lol. Oh and has an obsession with practical jokes which normally consists of me running round the house to avoid a licked nose or bitten bum lol.

My lovely great-aunt or AJ as we call her, I couldn’t live with out her, she turned 60 this year the big one :D. I see her practically every week and send and receive multiple phone calls everyday she is my rock among rocks, and secretly I am her favourite 😛 well maybe not now I have had Miss C but I come a close second which is fine by me. She has her cat called JJ who is more like a human then a feline lol. And is Fulham’s secret number one fan.

My aunt and uncle well what can I say, my aunt or AA for short has always been there through thick and thin and god I have given her some grief in my time. She’s always at the end of the phone well BBM these days. Her passion for things amaze me, she is an amazing photographer, craft enthusiast, and makes scrumptious cakes, they are seriously to die for and I’m not a very big cake eater and she also has her own blog cakesphotoslife. My uncle A, well mister mad hatter i think is the best way to describe him he has that way of making people laugh and cry at the same time, but I wouldn’t be without him. Another one that loves DIY, Everton football team and gardening. Another practical joker lol!

 My eldest cousin Tinker, well she is a typical teenager 16 going on 25, music and film buff, spends all her time with friends and out and about, studying to be an engineer and looking to find an apprenticeship so she can get her hands dirty. She is my best friend, you know when you have an itch that you can’t life without that’s my girl lol.

My little man, Master O well now here is a different story he is the most intelligent little boy I have ever met, he is 7 years old with ASD, he loves cars, football, Lego, and anything Eddie Stobart related. It can be very difficult for him to get used to people, places and new ideas he also has difficult’s with crowded areas but this little man wont let anything stand in his way he is on little star.

My parents now i could write forever about these two but im afraid I would probably bore you if I haven’t already, My mum MissB I have grown up with a friendship that will always be there even though we drive each other mad most of the time, unfortunately my mum has suffered a great deal with her health for one reason or another for most of my life which I think is why we have grown so close as not only mother and daughter but friends too, she is another amazing photographer more the sports pics from the track, she has also started her own business in the last 2 years which I have help here progress and build MissBengravings take a look on Facebook, she engrave’s images on to glass, I have a few of my own hehe! My Dad or Soapy as we call him because he has this obsession with soap dramas on tv not that i complain, he works so hard sometimes weeks on end just to be able to get time off to spend with his family and make sure we don’t struggle, he is the one I know will always be there no matter what. The only man a girl can trust is her daddy or so I am told loves his bikes, anything to do with america (still waiting for that life time holiday dad! 😉 ) and fishing (I was wondering where the smell was coming from in the garage lol).

Words can not compete with the amount of love and thanks I have for every single one of you, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t have you all behind me. LOVE YOU GUYS xxx


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