Moving forward!

Now i love my blog and as everyone has probably noticed i have really let it slip over the last few months. I would love, in the new year to get it going and put some life into it. Now how do i do it? where do i start? Any suggestions are gladly welcome. And … Continue reading

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A New Start

Another long absence for my little place in this big world of technology, I can list a huge amount of excuses but it simply comes down to, I’ve had a horrible brain freeze not knowing which direction to take my blog, and I still have no ideas. My house is slowly coming together, built-in wardrobes are almost finished :). Finally have … Continue reading

Just a little update x

Well after a stressful week of trying to figure out how to get things sorted in the house, searching for the best organising ideas to get the place clutter free and kiddie friendly, I’m still no further forward then I was last week. The new built in wardrobe is coming together slowly thanks to my … Continue reading

A New Beginning!

Firstly I’d like to apologise for the silence on my blog for the last couple of months, I have been very busy moving house and getting the situation settled into the final stage, finally! I would also like to thank all my family and friends for their support. Well time to catch you all up, … Continue reading


After the last few weeks turmoil with situations at home, delay’s with the house move postponed for another two weeks :(. And a little lapse in my mood towards things and people, I have come to the conclusion that I AM ME! I will not be dictated to or put down by others, I will speak my … Continue reading

#R2BC (01/07/2012)

Reasons To Be Cheerful Ok so this week has been rather full so I am a bit late in posting but here are my reasons to be cheerful :D. My friends over the past year or so I have realised that there are only very few people who you should or would want to call a friend everyone else … Continue reading

Things To Aim For!

I thought I’d start my own monthly blog of  Things to aim for. Just like the weekly linky #R2BC everyone is welcome to join in :D. I have decided to do this to help me stay focused on the things I want to achieve, purchase or improve. To get a car I passed my driving test in Oct ’11 and really want … Continue reading

Back From A Great Weekend!!!

Firstly I’d like to thank Aj for looking after Miss C. This being the first time for a whole weekend on their own it was a huge experiment. And to my delight it went really well :D. Though showing us that a whole weekend in future will be too much. Unfortunately I still cant figure out … Continue reading